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Sand Carving

Sand carving covers a wide variety of products with the most popular being Donation/Dedication bricks and Glass.


Donation Bricks are used for fundraising events, where the final product often sells for hundreds of dollars. We have engraved thousands of dedication bricks and we'd be happy to discuss your project with you.


Engraving glass is an art. No two pieces of glass are the same and the best way to get uniform etching results is to use sand carving to etch glass. Sand carving glass gives a superior result to laser engraving glass. Lasers cannot remove any material when engraving glass. The laser actually creates micro fractures in the glass that gives a frosted look. However, the etching is not down into the glass, but rather small fractures in the surface of the glass. It produces tiny shards of glass that will flake off when rubbed or touched.

Sand carving glass actually removes material and gives a more uniform, consistent, and predictable result. If you need the best for your event or products, then you want your glass sand carved, not laser engraved. If it's 2 Champagne Flutes for a wedding or 1000 pint glasses for an event, we can help you bring your event to life.


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