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We use HP Latex Ink printers to print on materials up to 60" wide. HP pioneered Latex Inks and is the leader in the field. Whether you need printed outdoor signs, banners, decals, fabric, posters, removable wall graphics, the HP Latex printer provides unmatched print quality.


For decades sign companies have used wide format printers that use solvent based ink systems. Solvent based inks hold up very well outdoors but are very unhealthy to work around. Solvent based printers often require duct work to remove harmful fumes from the rooms where the printers operate. If it's not good for people in the room, it's probably not good to pump outside either!


Several years ago, HP released their Latex based ink printers to the sign industry. Gone are the days of solvent printers that pump out toxic fumes and it's been replaced with prints that come off the machine dry and require no outside venting. This technology is a dream to work with. We are proud to use the HP Latex printers in our business, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals we are exposed to as well as keeping the environment cleaner.



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